A Potent Message Of Feminism Across Paris Fashion Week!

http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/features/from-prada-to-c-line-the-fashion-world-joins-the-feminism-movement-in-2014-9440861.html The message of feminism was clear and concise across Paris this weekend. Designers at Paris Fashion Week stood firm and strong in thier support of women's rights this weekend. Prada and Celine were not the only fashion brands standing up for the movement which in recent times has been very crucial, the outpour and... Continue Reading →

London Fashion Week, Size Matters!

London Fashion Week is only a few weeks away; the global fashion phenomenon takes place on the 16th of September 2016.  London Fashion Week is considered as the world’s most popular fashion event. An annual event spread across a weekend attended by Hollywood’s elite. The event is filled with stunning supermodels and amazing couture designs... Continue Reading →

Too Beautiful to Act

The perception of Hollywood is glitz glam and beautiful people. Therefore, hearing an actress vocalise that her beauty almost hindered her career, is very surprising. American actress Halle Berry, who recently turned the big 50 sat down with W Magazine and spoke about the challenges she faced as a young actress coming from a beauty... Continue Reading →

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