7 Days In Bed With The Flu ðŸ˜·ðŸ˜·ðŸ˜·

Day seven has approached! The British weather is nothing to be messed with, seasonal change and the daily bipolar disorder that our weather possess is CRAZY!

Flu is serious! I haven’t been ill for a long time now, I’ve had colds here and there but nothing as serious as the actual flu 😷😷…

I haven’t been able to produce any content hence the lack of uploads, this is because I did not have the energy as I lacked motivation.

I am feeling a lot better, fingers crossed I am ready to go back to work tomorrow 🙌🙌…

Being stuck in bed without the ability to breath, being bunged up, cold sweats and extreme headaches is the worst! Most of all very boring, lonely and isolating!



A few handy non medicinal remedies that did help me get back to some sort of normality were Raw Ginger, Lemon, Green Tea, and Honey 🍵🍵🍵🍵

If you have any remedies or tips do let me know 😊….

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