The verdict will be out today! After the release of More Life from OVO rapper Drake this weekend, I cannot wait to hear people’s opinions of the album. I am positive that we will be preview to an influx of social media uploads (guilty!) of people quoting their favourite lines from the multitude of songs.

More Life has a huge London presence! We’re all aware of the influence and admiration that Drake has for UK Grime and Hip Hop. He has further solidified his interest and love for our music by featuring South London rapper, aka the Landlord Giggs on No Long Talk and KMT,
the album also features his BBK comrade Skepta on Interlude and the beautiful and talented songstress Jorja Smith on Get It Together which samples South African legend DJ Black Coffee.
The US artists featured on More Life are Migo’s Quavo, Travis Scott, 2 Chains, Young Thug, his OVO partner Party Next Door and the one and only Kanye West who features on one of my favourite songs from the album, Glow.
 More Life is filled with a concoction of sounds, rhythms and beats! Drake caters to every fan, those who enjoy his straight Hip Hop style, to those who enjoy his House inspired dance beats, not forgetting those accustomed to his signature singing/talking smoothly over a dope beat, I call it the OVO R&B sound!
There are a lot of songs to go through. which is great!  As someone who enjoys Drakes music you have a lot of songs to enjoy throughout the album. I have a couple favourites that I had to re-wind a few times myself! 🙂
After about 3 listens, It might change, but for now I would say ‘Teenage Fever’  which samples Jennifer Lopez’ ‘If you had my love’, Get It Together, No Long Talk and Glow!
More Life has a few One Liners that will eventually become tomorrows quotes or language! New York Giants Odell Beckham didn’t waste time in quoting his good pal Drake!
Of course Drake aka champagnepapi liked his post! Looks like Brooklyn Beckham liked it too!
What are some of your favourite sayings from More Life??
Have a listen and give me your thoughts on your favourite tunes!

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