On a lovely Saturday, I decided to relax, put my feet up and indulge in some solo Netflix and Chill! No distractions, so I can fully focus on finishing the film πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
On this occasion, I came across a Netflix original film titled Burning Sands. A film directed by Gerard McMurray, he also co-wrote the film with Christine T Berg. The lead actor is singer and actor Trevor Jackson!Β 
Burning Sands is about a group of young men who are in their first year at Fredrick Douglas University, a historic black college. The film takes you on a journey of discovery, the struggles of identity, and the ugly side of pledging for a famous African-American fraternity.
Personally, I have watched a lot of American films that highlights the life of a college student pledging to their fraternity of choice. Individuals deciding on making a serious lifelong commitment to a Black Greek organisation that they will forever be a part of. Famously, films such as Stomp the Yard and Schools Daze to name a few.
For us that do not live in the States, we attend university, if we can be bothered we decided to join a society of choice, for example Drama club or even French club. Nothing that involves any commitments once we leave the vicinities!
For American students, they are often faced with extra activities or Hazing as they call it! Hazing is the practice of initiation, that a lot of pledges go through during the period of entering an organisation, a process that will test their character, discipline, patience and strengths as an individual.Β  All those characteristics will govern whether they are eligible to join the sisterhood or brotherhood. Hazing is an illegal practice that is unfortunately imposed upon scholars who seek guidance and identity from a society. I came across a few articles that implied that there have been about 125 hazing Fraternity deaths since 1835, with 25% of them happening in the 2000s and 2010s alone. Scary! It looks like in modern times; the practice has become more dangerous and harsh!
To clarify, hazing is not a practice that all fraternities do! Within every practice, there is a group of minorities who choose to use their power for their own pleasure, which can lead to tragic circumstances. Burning SandsΒ highlights those occasions, when a leader is overtaken by his ego and power, choosing to exercise that whilst forgetting the meaning behind the brotherhood!
Brotherhood and a sisterhood of a lifetime is what joiners look for, the opportunity to share collective goals and understandings, to build relationships that will be honoured and last a lifetime. A support system that will loyalty to their needs, togetherness throughout a life time of trials and tribulations, from the day you join till the day you die!
Other familiar faces that feature in Burning Sands are Empires Serayah and Moonlight Oscar winning actor Trevante Rhodes. And 50 cents right hand man from television powerhouse show Power Rotimi.
I would highly recommend this film! An insight into a well known practice that is often ignored! Yet detrimental to the mental and physical state and wellbeing of many young individuals embarking on their journey into adulthood! Β 
Let me know your thoughts? Are you as obsessed with American College films as I am? Did you learn something new??
Leave your comments below!

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