Obsessed With Social Media?!

There is this constant battle and argument on whether Social Media has enhanced our lives, within the same space questioning whether it has hindered our mental state.

The question is. Where do you stand? Are you that person who is constantly switched on to the latest Celebrity gossip and social media trends? Or are you someone that has the capability to put their phone down without having FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)! Unfortunately, I fall under the FOMO side of things!

The unfortunate truth is that, Social Media isn’t all Glitz and Glam! The divided between reality and fiction is often blurred. There is another universe within our devises which exists, scary! We’ve been given an illusion, a distort vision of what is true and what is false. Why is it, that we always chose to follow people who portray a perfect life? Is it because we’re envious or is it a form of encouragement? Perhaps they are just GOALS. As soon as we come across an attractive picture or person, the first thing we do is stalk their page, an hour later we’ve travelled 8 accounts too deep! Are you lost? Or do you follow my gist LOL. It gets to a point where you’ve pretty much found your future husband, met your in-laws, his relatives and his two best friends John and Matthew! We’ve all been, there, right?

There comes a point, after having seen so many pictures of perfection on various profiles, we begin to analyse our own lives and current situations. How did they acquire all this success we ask? She looks so good! I wonder how much it would cost to get that body sculpture, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it! It is a new phenomenon in our society, especially in the entertainment industry, where women are paying for the perfect body! If you had the money to do so, wouldn’t you do it too, ask yourself the question!

That said! It has narrowed the borders of reach. You’re now able to connect with people all over the world who have similar interest as yourself, which is fantastic! All you do is click follow and you are friends! Well, virtual friends! You are now preview and have access to private and intimate images and videos of people you would never have seen otherwise. If you are an entrepreneur, you have direct contact and access to your target audience, individuals who have an interest in your product or you can showcase your talent to the world at no cost of your own. The freedom and access of social media is endless, it is how you exploit it that will either hinder or better your agenda.

I, like most will continue to spend 50% of my day glued to my phone, computer screen or let me not forget my Tablet. On Instagram, Twitter! And sometimes Facebook and my favourite devise Google!

The struggle continues, hopefully one day we can find a healthy balance. Allowing ourselves the opportunity to spend a lot more time away from our screens and more time living and enjoying our actual lives!

Let me know your thoughts! Have you mastered the perfect balance? Or you’re like me, on a journey of discovery! I’ll keep you all posted on my unhealthy obsession with Social Media, wish me good luck!

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