East London multitalented rap and singing duo Mvngo & Lashes have released their debut EP titled Solution.

The 4 track EP features songs:

I Like To Think That

Naked Truth;

Enemy Of Myself


The intro to the EP is subtle, you hear Mvngo speaking in a soft voice, releasing some spoken words over a classy, yet romantic beat. Followed by Lashes who continues rapping and singing. The message is potent, on of love and its power.

Secondly followed by Naked Truth, a song that speaks about transparency. Being honest about one’s feelings, rather than toying with another’s for personal gain by stringing them along! The singing is beautiful! The variety within their voices and the difference in ranges, clearly showcases their abilities as artists, which is incredible to hear.

Enemy Of Myself, is the 3rd track from the EP. A tune that draws similarities to that old-school grime rap style which Lashes executes very well whilst rapping. The rhythm is upbeat, the beat has more of a pop feel but with a concoction of instrumentals making the song catchy and energetic. A very positive song filled with encouragement and empowering messages!

The 4th and final song is Stoosh, a song previously reviewed. The song is reminiscent of that old-school Hip Hop early 90’s New York sound. The beat is extremely dope! Lyrically very informative, there’s a lot of emphasis and character in both their deliveries.

Overall a great debut project, they duo did not come to play! They showed exactly why they will always be doing music.

Available to Stream on Spotify & Itunes

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