A Potent Message Of Feminism Across Paris Fashion Week!


The message of feminism was clear and concise across Paris this weekend. Designers at Paris Fashion Week stood firm and strong in thier support of women’s rights this weekend. Prada and Celine were not the only fashion brands standing up for the movement which in recent times has been very crucial, the outpour and outrage within our society has been a necessity.

The Women’s March which took place globally in January 2017, across different cities, saw women of all races, religion, social classes with different sexual preferences come together and unite in combat of the injustice and prejudice that has reared it’s ugly head (not that it has ever fully been abolished) once again in the name of US president elect Donald Trump! A man that has openly spoken about women in a derogatory and disrespectful way, extending his power further by taking away certain women rights in the United States. 

Millions of women took to the streets in cities such as LA, New York, Washington, London to name a few! Activists, civilians and your favourite celebrity came out in thier numbers in support of a very important cause! 

Recent recipient of Havard Universities Humanitarian award, super star Rihanna continued her charital support by teaming up with Christian Dior, in the name of charity! 
Collaborating, they decided to create a T-shirt reading ‘We should all be feminist‘. This T-shirt retails at Β£700 if anyone would like to support the agenda. Proceeds will go directly to Rihannas Clara Lionel Foundation, a charity aimed at helping children causes globally. Critics might be outraged by the price mark! Clearly, these T-shirt are not aimed at her average fans, first showcased during the womens march, re-releasing these T-shirts during Paris Fashion week the goal must be to target a much richer calabra, to whom Β£700 is merely ‘chicken change’!

Personally, I believe that the T-shirt collaboration is a great idea executed perfect across Paris catwalks! 

Prabal Gurung’s 2017 fall collection also included messages in support of feminism. 

Equality across both genders has been the most prominent message across the catwalk at the 2017 Paris Fashion week! 

The textbook definition of feminism is Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women

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