Watch “Teyana Taylor Fade 2 Fit —” on YouTube

Harlem native Teyana Taylor has finally launched her Fade 2 Fit exercise program. Ever since witnessing her dancing in Kanye Wests video looking like a goddess, we’ve all been waiting for her to release the secret to her fitness regime!

We were all glued to our television screens when rapper Kanye West premiered his video Fade at the MTV awards in 2016, an explicit video which featured Taylor dancing around in a nude thong bikini. Her body was immaculate, practically carved to perfection! She was the envy of every women across the world! Social media had a field day as she was the trending topic! Gym’s across the globe were sure to see a rise in new members. The powerful imagery of her beautifully sculptured body had a lasting effect on the viewers.

Teyana who first came to fame under producer and rap genius Pharrel Williams, has since gone on to releade EP’s, produc music and content, dance, choreograph for Beyonce and act in numerous films. She is currently featured in VH1’s hip hop television series The Breaks. Amongst all the above, she married 2016 NBA champion Iman Shumpert and has a beautiful 1 year old daughter Junie. Despite giving birth not too long ago, within a week of birth her body was practically back to normal.

Her bounce back was phenomenal!

After the success of her cameo in Kanyes Fade video, there was a huge demand and interest in how she acquired her body. People wanted to know how they too could get that body! Hence the birth of Fade 2 Fit. Fade 2 Fit is the name of her new fitness program, it consists of a 90 day regime which will include exciting monthly workouts aimed to combat stubborn fats and sculpture your body, according to Teyana, the videos will be recorded in different locations across the United States.

Who wouldn’t like to look like Teyana! If you’d like to be part of her Fade 2 Fit workout programme you can find out about it via more The website also includes fitness attire with the Fade 2 Fit logo.

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