And the Donkey of the day goes too…. Nicki Minaj and perhaps Remy Ma too?

Two of the best female rappers, both from New York. Nicki from Queens and Remy from the Bronx, both parties have been throwing subliminals for some time now. Recently Nicki featured on Gucci Mane’s Make Love song, Nicki threw what looks like direct shots aimed at Remy Martin. You decide from the below lyrics taken from the song!

First I’ma scorch her, then I’ma torch her
Then I’ma torture her, then I’ma off her
A million dollars for a show, they made their off-er
Go against Nicki, it’s gon’ cost ya
‘Cause now it’s fuck ya, intercourse ya:

Remy clearly felt attacked, she decided to release one of the most disrespectful Diss tracks of all time! Lyrically she brought her A GAME! She held nothing back, a 7 minute diss track! Remy did not miss a beat, bar for bar she demolished her aponent! The diss track titled Shether inspired by rapper Nas’ Ether can be heard by clicking on the below link.
Here’s a few bars from Remy!

Nicki Minaj has yet to respond back with lyrics, but has been throwing her own jabs via her social media which has not impressed fans of Hip Hop music. Hence being the recipient of the Donkey of the day!
Hopefully for the sport of rap battle and Hop Hop Nicki can come back fighting!

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