Lashes Are Important In Completing Your Look!

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Agree to Disagree? I personally stand firm with that statement! Hence why you will always catch me wearing the best when it comes to Lashes.

A few weeks ago, whilst wondering in the beauty store Savers, I came across lashes at a bargain price! with no intention of purchasing anything the £2.99 price tag caught my attention. 

Who doesn’t like a bit of a bargain! With nothing to lose, I decided to purchase and try them out. Girls With Attitude London is the name of the brand. This was my first time coming across the Eye Lash brand.

After using the lashes, I genuinely fell in love with them! Although not Mink, they are very soft and most importantly light on the eyes. The wispies give it a natural look, the lashes can be glam up by choosing a daring eyeshadow. Not too long in width, meaning no fiddling and cutting before applying. The lashes come with eyelash adhesive and they are also re-usable.

The lashes are perfect for someone like me with small eyes! However, someone with bigger eyes may be at a slight disadvantage. 

My personal favourite is the ‘Unicorn‘, Girls With Attitude London have a large variety to choose from depending on your preference. The Fantasy Collection include Unicorn, Mermaid, Fairy and Fluffy. 

GWALondon are a unique Vegan beauty brand, catering to everyone! If you would like to try out the Girls With Attitude London Lashes, they can be found in Savers the beauty supply store based across the United Kingdom, otherwise you can visit their website on

Make sure to check out my Instagram for more looks! Do not hesitate to contact me for Product Reviews!


Instagram; @TatianaFofe_


Give them a try and thank me later 😉

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