Actress Receives Backlash from Her Recent Weight Gain!

Known for her classic girl-next-door look, during her late teens actress Lauren London featured in high profiled music video’s, most famously appearing as the lead girl in Pharrell Williams and Jay Z’s song Frontin. The beauty then made her big break starring in now classic urban teen movie alongside popular rapper T.I ATL. Thereafter appearing as lead in This Christmas with Chris Brown.

During the height of her fame she became pregnant with Young Money rapper Lil Wayne, which lead to her hiatus. After having her son, she emerged back into the scene starring as one of the leads on BET’s popular shows The Game. Once again, appearing from another hiatus it was released that she had given birth to another baby boy with her current boyfriend LA rapper Nipsey Husstle.

Since becoming famous, her privacy has always been something Lauren has managed. Until last night, Lauren London who gave birth a few months ago, and her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle attended a basketball game on a date night. A date night that caused quite the stir on social media!

Image sourced from popular urban blog bossip….

Twitter and Instagram wasted no time in pointing out her weight gain! Have a certain perception of the actress, considered as one of the most beautiful women both aesthetically and physically it was a different look to what her fans were used too. Nonetheless, bearing in mind, the poor girl only gave birth a few months ago!

The comments were less than pleasant, nasty comments targeting her weight circulated social media with the image of her and Nipsey merely enjoying the game. Name calling such as fat by trolls across twitter and Instagram took most by surprise, as it was unnecessary and crude! Not amused by those comments, Lauren opted to put out a statement via her Instagram.

Lauren’s army of fans were out in full force! She received a lot of support, below are a few tweets from her fans!

Unfortunately, in 2017 body shaming is a current occurrence on social media. The unrealistic pressures of the body bounce back clearly wasn’t something Lauren was concerned by. In her statement, she mentioned deciding to take her time naturally and her focus was on her children not her weight, often you get certain celebrities who within weeks returns to their natural skinny size, but the reality is that it is unrealistic to think everyone will be the same!

Life has enough pressures, without having to worry about what people think on top of living your own life! 

Good on Lauren for not falling to peer pressure and NOT allowing the trolls power in dictating her life!

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