August Alsina releases yet another video, spoiling his fans with visuals for each song he releases. The Lonely video makes it his third single to be dropped after the releases of his successful second Album This Thing Called Life.

The young talented singer/songwriter had his issues in the past with the leaking of his album, but on this occasion avoiding that happening he has released videos for each song. 

The first release was the beautiful and emotively driven song Drugs, followed by the song Wait and now Lonely. Listening to all three songs, it seems like he has been going through his own relationship demises. Perhaps the song is about a former lady he was linked to the Vixen Miracle Watts. Having listened to the lyrics carefully it sounds like the songs are about his inability to fully commit to her but still wanting her around, at the same time allowing her the option to leave but not wanting to let her go. We’ve all been there I’m sure!

The video for Lonley is just over two minutes long and is set in a convenient store, August is sporting his signature bun hair style which is a unique look for the singer!

Lately the artist has been experimenting with his look and creatively pushing the boundaries with his visuals. Below is a snippet from the Drugs video which is different to what we have seen from August. He has shown a lot of creative progression throughout the years and continues to express himself, which as a fan is great to see!

A favourite of mine! August has an amazing sultry voice with a lot of range, his ability to translate his deepest emotions and feelings within his songs is remarkable! All of which are very relatable to each and everyone. His music and lyrics give you a vulnerable insight into his reality!

Being a fan for many years, I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform live at Camden’s KOKO music venue in an intermate capacity, he was very engaging with the crowd which translates perfectly through his music and in person.

Check out the Vide for Lonely Above!

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