Soulful singer and an absolute talent of an artist Nao has releases visuals for her In The Morning song.

The original video for In The Morning was simple yet classy as it featured Nao in her element performing in an acoustic setting. With great popularity, the video has over 3.4 million views on YouTube alone.


Firstly, as someone that is consistently mesmerised by her tone and vocal abilities I was drawn by her falsetto and voice. Vocally she has you sat in between the clouds, putting you in a euphoric space. Hence why she was nominated for a Brit award in a category that was filled with talent the British Female Solo artistcategory to be exact.


In an Instagram post promoting this video, she mentioned being a shy person so this video challenged her inner shyness. This is because the video reflects the lyrics and tone of song very well. Visually set in a bedroom, it features a topless piece of chocolate or in other words a very good looking scrumptious man.

In this video, you see Nao’s vulnerability. Looking beautiful in her natural state, she is letting the guy know that she no longer wants to be a part of the relationship.

The song is powerful, it will absolutely resonate to those trying to break away from a lover they no longer want to be involved with.


Watch the video here!

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