WhatsApp Joins Snap Chat & Instagram With The Stories Feature!

If the Netflix series Black Mirrors sounds familiar to you (If you watched Series 2 Episode 1, you would of seen the episode that featured the girl obsessed with all things social media from her status, to living life based on likes and wanting to be liked by those who had no clue who she was, nor cared about her wellbeing), then you’re well equipped for the latest hostile takeover which is WhatsApp Stories.  For those unaware brace yourselves!

Social media is a deadly craze and an obsession which unfortunately, the majority of us poses! The obsession to documenting every aspect of our lives, often doing absolutely nothing entertaining of the sort! We thrive on watching other people live their lives, sometimes even wishing we could be part of it! Thus without any knowledge on whether their lives have been fabricated to feed their longing for social acceptance and inclusion from strangers or if they are merely documenting their lives to make the rest of us hate ours (which is a serious disease that has come from the social media era), perhaps with no hidden agenda, at the end of the day who really knows but themselves! It could all be one huge Catfish!

Nonetheless, we want what they have, and they want what the portray to be their reality!

This obsession to prey other people’s lives has worsened! Yes WhatsApp is the latest social phenomenon to join the bandwagon of storytelling. You can now document your day to day nonsense via WhatsApp!

Be very careful! Unlike Snap Chat, your parents were not preview to your wrong doings nor did they have a clue how it all worked. But WhatsApp which is a basic feature that has everyone from your Mother, Father, Grandad and Grandma on it can get tricky very quickly!

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