Watch the video from Mango & Lashes – Stoosh

The talented East London duo Mango & Lashes are back! Earlier today they released visuals for their latest song titled Stoosh. The song title refers to a term used when referring to the opposite sex ‘one that is reluctant to give you attention or ignores your advances’.  The ladies have taken that word and spun it into a hip song that is full of culture and rhythm.

What an incredible concept! A video with a difference! Directed by Jermaine Troublez who manages to visually turn the concept into a reality that is very pleasing, from the colours to the old school vibes and connotations. Creatively the imagery is genius!

In this video you are preview to that old school 90’s era vibe, visually and lyrically. The ladies look stunning, their style of  clothing and the way they wear their hair is very prominent and stands out immensely. The stylist behind the video is Ashleigh Stunna who is group member Lashes’ business partner at Buffishaa, the attire is very cultured almost reminiscent of the classic Hip Hop attire resembling legendary artists Salt and Pepper.

This song is eclectic unlike what is currently out in the UK, produced but Wireless Sound. Both ladies have the unique ability to sing and rap but in this song they mainly focusing on rapping. Lyrically they are challenging, informative and spew reality when it comes to the power of attraction from the opposite sex. Once again creating a song that everyone can relate too and connect with.

Stoosh is a catchy song that draws influences and references from classic songs that will definitely have you bopping your head to the dope beat!

Stoosh is Crazy, Sexy and Cool!

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