J The Exodus released his EP titled Heart’s Desire. The single BeastMode is his first release from the Heart’s Desire EP.

The video is a strong reflection of the song’s lyrics and the message behind the song is directly reflective from the visuals, J The Exodus marries the two perfectly.


Visuals very creative, observant and engaging. Most of the video is set in the gym, where you see him in his element, working hard, fighting in the ring and preparing himself for the fight of his life. Once again simultaneously allowing the listeners into his imagination by visually giving them a pictorial imagination of his inner thoughts.

Beast Mode is lyrically fulfilling, J uses euphemisms to explain his journey and vision, by using boxing references and jargon to describe his story. You don’t have to be a boxing expert to understand his message either as it is self-explanatory.

Lyrically strong and intelligent, J’s word play is impressive. There is powerful message behind it all.

The production and beat is hard! Watching the video and listening to the song makes you want to get into the gym yourself and get your beast mode on!! It’s a great listen, and a great workout song.

Stream Heart’s Desire Here:

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