The Breaks: 90’s Hip Hop Re-enacted  For Today’s Generation 

The Breaks was an original VH1 film / pilot initially released in 2016, directed by Seith Mann and musically composed by DJ Premier. 

For those not preview to the pilot. The Breaks is about three friends from New York City who have a common love for Hip Hop music! The film is set in the 1990’s during the emergence of Hip Hop music. The three amigos consist of Nikki (Afton Williamson), her boyfriend David (David Call) and Deevee played by The Wire and 90210’s very own (Tristan Wilds). As a threesome they all have their own unique talents which collectively work in their favour, Deevee is a producer, Nikki a&r amongst other things and David a radio personal. Their love for the genre and knowledge of the music is undeniable. Together they begin exploring and making their mark in the industry.

For those of us who watched the pilot in awe, the anticipation is over as VH1 acquired the entire series. The first episode of season 1 was not a disappointment!


Following on from the pilot, Tristan’s character Deevee is still very much excited about his rap discovery ‘Ahm’ yes that is his name! He also goes by the name Harris, played by actor Antoine Harris. Unbeknown to Deevee, aside from his lyrical abilities Ahm is a drug dealing murderer! Deevee finds out about this unfortunate news when he is arrested by the police whilst leaving the Fort Greene projects in Brooklyn, NYC where Harris resides and operates. Upon release, Deevee finds out this news, from his father played by Wu Tang Clan legend himself Method Man. This information jeopardises his plans with rap protégé Ahm, adding more stress to his plate, his father threatens to send him to South Carolina to be far away from the drama.

As for Nikki, she manages to land her dream job working at a music record label, working as assistant to Barry Fouray played by the legend Wood Harris. She soon discovers that the job is not all plain sailing! Dealing with everyone’s unpleasant moods and attitudes from her colleagues and difficult artist. Her patience and abilities are tested straightaway when Barry stages an event at the club which she pretty much has to organize and get the main man Ahm to attend, which turns out to be a huge chore!

The first episode is filled with twists and turns, and is no stranger to drama. From kidnappings, to arrests and relationship drama!

All your favourite characters from the pilot are back with a few new additions throughout the series, one prominent one being Teyana Taylor who looks set to be signing to Barry’s new record label!


Here is the link below otherwise catch it via VH1


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