Stephanie Allen is a 24-year-old British born Singer/MC who was raised in both Clapton East London and Rotterdam. Known in the music scene as Stefflon Don, she is unlike what the UK music scene has encountered. Her unique character and sexy attire, makes her the Real Deal!

The absolute stunner is a fantasy to most, her body is one to be desired and she has a very pretty face. Aside from her aesthetics, Stefflon Don is an absolute beast on the mic. The rapper brings a different taste and element to UK rap. The UK has never produced a female Rapper nor Singer like Stefflon Don, who has been unapologetically herself, expressive and extremely comfortable with her sexuality and her body, simultaneously oozing confidence since landing in the music game!

In the last 24 hours, she released a track featuring Krept & Konan and Chicago chorus King Jeremih called London, which can bee viewed on YouTube.

She released her latest Mixtape titled Real Ting

The intro to the Mixtape is powerful and theatrical, but the information being spewed is real.

Lyrically throughout the Mixtape Stefflon Don is Confident, Cocky, Flamboyant, Sexy and Aggressive. Other facets to her character are also explored, you are preview to her softer side as she gets personal and honest about the reality of her life. But for the most part, she is coming for your jugular. Her persona and flair as an artist is almost reminiscent of Nicki Minaj’s Roman Revenge album, but SteffLon Don is more than her comparisons. With Steff, you get the accent, various tones to her voice, her ability to comprise the different elements and facets of her character and all round energy and Jamaican influence all into one project, which is astounding.

Because the UK do not have anything to compare her too, the obvious comparisons are Nicki Minaj, Remi Ma, she also possesses the sexual confidence and provocative language that reminds me of 90’s Lil Kim. As a powerful woman, she is outspoken and fearless, she is very open in discussing topics that many women would shy away from, which I highly respect

The first song on the Mixtape is Real Ting, she’s gully, aggressive, with lyrics such as ‘Call my side n***a just to do the dishes’ comical yet greasy. The Beat is hardcore Hip Hop, clearly the most outspoken female lyricist in the UK.

Throughout the Mixtape you’ll hear strong Influences from her Caribbean background, from the beats to the rhythms, vocals, and accent.

Gangsta  shows her softer feminine side. The flow and style of the song is R&B, it sounds romantic, smooth and has a nice slow vibe.

Narcos pretty much is what it is. The song stands out! The beat has elements of Trap Soul/Hip Hop, Stefflon Don’s flow is hard, you fell the aggression within her voice, she even speaks seductively in Spanish with the accent and the voice.

Family ties is a very honest, emotive and transparent song from her. In this song, she strips bare, discussing deep issues relating to her upbringing. Almost humanising her tough exterior and opening herself to her fans in a way which is relatable. The song features Dutch, who himself gives an open testimony of his life encounters. Donae’o sings the chorus beautifully with clear emotion, a bonus to a meaningful song.

Envy Us stood out to me as the afro-beats influence and vibe added a different dimension to this Mixtape. It features young talent Abra Cadabra. It compiles the influence of the African sounds with an added injection of Steff’s Jamaican culture.

Forever is the last song from the Mixtape which has a soft tone to it. Beautifully sung by Fiona Bevan, the song has a complexity of beats from R&B, to dance, bass line and a rave sound.

Real Ting as a Mixtape incorporates and is a concoction of the hardcore sounds of Hip Hop and the soft sounds of R&B, heavily influenced by her Jamaican culture filled with lyrics.


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