Talented all round musician Shakka is back with more music!

2016 has been nothing but a hugely successful year for the West London R&B Soul singer, accomplishing what many artist can only dream of. Most recently selling out his very first headlining show at the world-renowned music venue KOKO in Camden.

The 2016 R&B/ Soul MOBO award winner has been consistent in releasing new music. From previous projects, such as The Lost Boys album and Tribe EP, he’s done it again! 24 Hours ago, Shakka released a 5 track EP Titled The Island.

Shakka has yet to disappoint, historically collaborating with UK’s elite artists, there was only excitement leading up to the release of his latest EP The Island.

‘I Love The Way’ Ft. Mr Vegas

Mr Vegas as a feature on the first song of the EP is a perfect fit. I Love The Way is eclectic as it features and joins the sounds of the vibrant rhythms from the Caribbean and Hip Hop.

Both Shakka and Mr Vegas complement each other exceptionally well, bringing different elements and characteristics to the song, still managing to flow on the same beat.

Mr Vegas graces his vocals in his native patois, as expected from a Dancehall sensation. Shakka also dabbles in some patois but giving every bit of the London in him!

I Love The Way has a catchy and distinctive bridge, mellow but energetic, with a bouncy but still very soothing. The song is almost hypnotic as their vibrant voices switch landing perfectly on the beat over the sounds & rhythms of the Caribbean. A Fun song, reminding me of sunny chilled summer.

The Chorus goes as follows ‘I love the way x2, we work so hard to go hard x2’, very inspiring and liberating.


Don’t Call Me

Don’t call me is the second song from the EP.  The song can be described as a Club record with elements of a soulful R&B sound.  A very energetic song with a lot of bounce on the beat, a very well-tailored dance anthem for the club goer. Shakka’s voice once again is amazing, the variation is dope! Over this dance beat you hear him sing in his falsetto, deep lower tone, slow and high pitch, all those vocals in one song!

Don’t call me is self-explanatory, it is about a girl that he is no longer interested in, hence why he is asking her not to get contacted, as he mentions in the song, he is doing fine on his own!


Turn Off The Lights Ft. Wretch 32

Turn Off The Lights features wordsmith and the UK’s most talented lyricist Wretch 32, whom Shakka has collaborated with on a few occasions even featuring on his recent album GrowingOverLife.

A Hip-Hop track with a concoction of instrumentals. The beat is extremely bold with a lot of bounce, the instrumentals sound like a classic themed soundtrack production.

Both individuals bring character to the song, Wretch 32 adds lyricism, wordplay and his hypnotising voice to the song, whilst Shakka gracefully sings beautifully on the beat, and he does not disappoint! Shakka uses London slang, adding his personality to the song.

The chorus is very lively, there are some elements of the new wave trap hip hop in certain instants, but overall High energy.


Inner London Ft. Giggs

The song Inner London is not only self-explanatory but sums up the mood and feeling of the song, it features the Landlord himself London rapper Giggs. Shakka’s voice is soft, deep, slow whilst rap/singing. Despite singing low, he still manages to sing fast with great clarity.

Inner London, Shakka speaks about his local area, where he grew up, what he experienced etc. Notting hill West London to be precise, describing growing up in the pit of carnival. The chorus is simple yet describes pretty much the song in its entirety ‘Inner London’. He describes the life of a young Londoner, depicting subjects such as raving, carnival, neighbourhood and lifestyle.

Giggs’ introduction is solid! Deep voice, a bit scary but fitting for his depiction of where he grew up Peckham! The beat is hard, bouncy with a lot of energy.


Yo Babes  

The last and final song on the EP is YO Babes, a very playful London term used by guys to introduce themselves to girls. The song starts immediately, very hype with harsh drums which is very dope! YO Babes is exciting, it resembles a classic R&B Pop song with a hint of soul due to Shakka’s beautiful melodic vocals.

Overall the song is very playful, flirty and extremely CUTE! Lyrically it is very real and fitting. His vocals on the beat are not too high or low but perfect for the beat and instrumentals.


Shakka has created an EP that is a combination of sounds and superb productions, the music is energetic, fun, flirty and richly textured, an overall great vibe, each track warrants and fits perfectly on the EP.


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