The realistic lyricist Loyle Carner, South London native rapper has released his debut album titled Yesterday’s Gone.

This album features 15 song, with collaborations from fellow musicians Tom Misch, Kwes, Rebel Kleff and Jehst.

Already a big fan of the artist having seen him perform live on three different occasions, I expect nothing but excellence. Carner did not disappoint but continued to heighten my interest in his music and lyrical capabilities.

The album should be considered a true body of work, nowadays its rare that we get albums or EP’s that are a concoction of songs put together simultaneously with no story line or any sort of direction. Yesterday’s Game is the complete opposite, Carner has a story to tell! His story to be exact, euphemistic he is not! As an artist Carner is open, honest and cathartic to listen too.

In its entirety, as the listener you’re given the opportunity to delve into the life of the artist, beyond the music. Preview to his inner thoughts, life challenges and lessons, Carner is an open book to be precise. Lyrically tackling sensitive subjects relating to his father, the absence, his love life or lack thereof and his unique and enduring relationship with his mother.

Sun Of Jean is a song that features on this album. A dedication to his world, his mother. The song ends eloquently with words from his mother, poetically structured, you hear Jean speaking of her son. She summarises her joy of Loyle from a very young age to this date, emotively conjuring feelings of love and gratitude.

Yesterday’s Gone is a sentimental yet romantic body of work lyrically and musically. From his words to the beat and instrumentals. It is extremely thought provoking, emotive, eloquently challenging and stimulating.

If you’re not procrastinating, or it hasn’t conjured feelings you need to give it another listen!

Top corner with this album Loyle Carner!


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