Young Fashioned, an inspiring debut EP from the young talented singer/songwriter from London by the name of JaJa Kisses.  JaJa Kisses as she is known is part of a collective of creatives who go by the name Serotonin. In a recent interview with Reprezent Radio she described Serotonin as a collective group of friends who joined together for their love of music and the creative arts.

Her debut EP is full of beautifully synchronised harmonies and honesty lyrics. As an introductory EP for a completely unknown artist, the overall body of work sounds very accomplished. Dare I say surpasses a lot of what is currently out in the UK.

After listening to the entire 14 track EP, I would describe JaJa’s sound as soulful pop. Listening to Young Fashioned, you easily get lost and immersed into each song. There is a feeling of euphoria whilst you are taken on a journey of tranquillity and peace through emotively driven sounds, harmonies, beats and instrumentals.

Young Fashioned as a body of work reminds me of the undeniably talented singer/songwriter Solange Knowles. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard Solange’s most recent US chart topping extremely successful album Seat At The Table. Young Fashioned has a similar vibe.

Young Fashioned is eclectic, JaJa Kisses expresses herself very beautifully, her voice is breath-taking and hypnotic. Lyrically she is bold, honest yet the EP can innocently be indulged. The EP is packed with great songs, over stunningly produced beats.

JaJa doesn’t just express herself gracefully through her music, she is also visually expressive. Her very own sense of style and fashion is an expression of liberation, from her distinctive purple hair, to her fashion forward styles.

In a recent interview the singer mentioned that Young Fashioned took 5 years in the making, as she always had a passion for music. The fearless singer has song titles such as Silver Knickers, Gold Bra, Feelings and Give Up, songs that will capture your inner thoughts, take you on an emotional journey but will have you in a state of peace and calmness.

Young Fashioned is beautifully written, JaJa Kisses has debuted a very well thought and put together body of work that is sure to solidify her status within the music world.

Stream here:

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