North London Singer, Rapper, Songwriter and all-round talented artist CallMeTheKidd has finally released his 4 track EP titled The Becoming. CallMeTheKidd offers you the full artist experience, and for the ladies he’s not bad to look at ;).

If you’re a huge fan of lively sounding music The Becoming EP offers just that. From the incredible productions, to lively instrumentals and powerful sounding anthems. Everything from the vocals and the beat will have you searching for a dance floor!

The EP consists of the song Leaders. A very powerful production! Whilst listening to Leaders I felt like I was in an actual musical production, which gave an amazing feeling of euphoria. All the various elements within this song complement each other, from the beat to the vocals, raps and lyrics. The context of the song tackles leadership and not conforming to what is expected of you, just being yourself. Being a leader and not a follower in a nutshell. Leaders is a very catchy song and will have you singing along! A song of this magnitude, I could imagine hearing on the likes of musical phenomenon television show Empire.

Bounce is the second song from this amazingly put together EP. The production once again is engineered extremely well! In This song you hear CallMeTheKidd’s beautiful vocals. The production of this song includes a concoction of sounds including the guitar and the trumpet. Bounce will give you that Happy feeling, and will definitely have you dancing, being still is not an option! The rhythms and beat will definitely capture your soul. The lyrical content of the song CallMeTheKidd speaks about feeling good, looking your best and enjoying yourself.

The 3rd Song is titled Hold Up. A playful song with elements of Hip Hop and R&B. Another very well produced song that touches on a subject everyone can relate to. In every relationship there comes a point when the dreaded question is asked ‘What Are We’. This song tackles all of that and more! You’ll hear lyrics such as ‘I hope you know you’re not my misses’ andI like you, but I hope you know I’m not going too Wifey You!’. When dating, not the words anyone would like to hear from the opposite sex! To allow a fluent conversation and to hear both sides, the background of the song has a women giving her own piece of mind on this situation. To give balance to the song on both sides of the fence.

The final song on the EP is The Becoming which is also the official title of the EP. The Becoming is very much a Hip Hop and R&B song that gives off the vibes of an Old school sound. CallTheKidd manipulates his voice in this song to add to the sound whilst singing. A feel good song that is very catchy, accompanied by great productions, a consistency of the EP since inception. This song is all about Chasing your dreams. Something CallTheKidd had to learn, the importance of consistency and putting your all into your passion to achieve success. The bridge of the song sums up the message that CallTheKidd is trying to convey in this track. ‘Heal Me With Your Life, Practice What You Preach, You’ll Reap What You Sow, So Make Sure You’re Good To Me’.

Great body of work! The production and engineering on this EP is phenomenal! All 4 songs are worthy of a listen or two! If you like real music that takes you on a journey, makes you feel good and gives you a feeling of euphoria, The Becoming is definitely for you! The songs are Fun, energetic, catchy and will make you want to get up and dance.

CallMeTheKidd is definitely one to watch and a very talented artist. If he continues to create this type of music he is destined for global success!

Stream Here:

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