The last time the music industry heard from rapper Bonkaz, unfortunately is was not positive. The South London rapper appeared on Not For The radio in a very intimate interview. Real name Taylor Harris, Bonkaz spoke openly and honestly about negative information that had been circulating the UK media. Incriminating untruthful information that was detrimental to his career as an artist.  Harris opened up about his troublesome youthful past, acknowledging his mistakes and dispelled any untruths and myths. The setting was almost like an open letter to his fans and the public. This conversation allowed Taylor Harris the young man to let go of a past that he no longer lived, lifting a huge burden allowing him to continue as Bonkaz the artist.

Bonkaz is back! His new EP is titled Working Under Pressure, a very fitting title that best describes his 2016. A track list of four songs tackling different subjects.

Awake is the first song off the EP, the beat is dope complementing his flow. Listening to the song, you can feel the passion in his voice. In this song Bonkaz analysis his character as a young man. Being open and critical of his actions. The honesty is refreshing as he takes accountability for all the choices he made in life and acknowledges the punishments that came with it.  He even has a line in the song where he describes his behaviour as pagan like. As a new artist in an extremely judgmental industry, his bravery has to be commended. A lot of artists lie to portray untruths, this shows growth and maturity on his part.

Pressure is created in the third person. In this song Bonkaz takes his audience through his time as a youth, graphically describing his lifestyle, encounters with the police and being involved in criminal activities. Unbeknown to his poor mom, who was unaware of his actions. When she thought he was at school, he was out getting arrested and truanting. He talks about making so much money selling drugs and at the same time losing it all, a lot to deal with as a young man hence the pressure and stress he was under.

The 3rd track on the EP is titled Mine. This song touches on the softer and more vulnerable side of Bonkaz the lover. A mellow Hip Hop song that speaks on his relationships with the opposite sex. The rapper generalises on interactions with various girls, but towards the end referencing a specific girl that still has a place in his heart. He talks about letting her down, making mistakes and hoping that she still loves him as he is ready and willing to continue to explore the relationship. Perhaps it is an open love letter to a specific girl that he is trying to catch the attention of. I hope she is listening!

The 4th and final track on the EP is called Dreams, an overview of his experience in the past few months. Looking into the future, talking about building bridges and moving forward with his career. He shows growth within his lyrics, he sounds very hungry and optimistic about his future within music. Even mention of fire in his belly!

Overall a very necessary EP that acknowledged his past transparently. Bonkaz is a very talented rapper and you can see it within his lyrical content and his story telling. His future should now be a blank canvas that should solely reflect his musical talent and his lyrical ability.

Stream here:

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